• 1 Dr. Korotki Dr. Korotki has been treating patients with pain in the Greater Baltimore area since 1982. Learn more about why this practice is unique.
  • 2 ETPS ETPS (accupuncture without needles) can be used to treat trigger points and localized areas of muscle or nerve irritation. Click here to view our list of services.
  • 3 Light Therapy A newly approved FDA procedure, is a non-thermal light/laser energy which accelerates muscle, nerve and other tissue healing by improving circulation of injured and painful areas and by reducing inflammation.

Specializing in Non-Surgical Pain Relief

About Dr. Korotki

After attaining my Medical degree at the University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore, I became a resident physician at Sinai Hospital and on to become both Chief Resident and then an attending physician in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department before opening my private practice.
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What Makes My Practice Unique?
Learn more about the unique treatment you will receive from my practice.

How Do I Differ from a Chiropractor?
Find out why seeing a physician is different from seeing a chiropractor.

Why Do Doctors Misdiagnose and Improperly Treat Pain?
Learn how nonsurgical treatments are often a better solution for treating pain.

Our Treatments

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