Joint Pain (Arthritis)

Relieving Joint Pain (Arthritis)

Joint pain can occur in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, feet and jaws.  The most common causes are as follows:  inflammation of the tendons and ligaments, arthritis or other bone abnormality, muscular irritation, cartilage tearing or thinning and abnormal body mechanics.  Sometimes a pinched or irritated nerve can cause or contribute to joint pain.  Occasionally joint pain can be referred from another part of the body (for example, hip pain can be referred from the back and shoulder pain can be referred from the neck).

While a thorough physical examination can help to diagnose the condition, in many cases X-rays and even MRI scans of the painful area are needed.  In those cases not responsive to treatment, or if a nerve condition is suspected, then electrodiagnostic studies may be needed to correctly diagnose the condition.  Anti-inflammatory medication, joint supports and physical therapy successfully treat most cases.  For those that do not respond, alternatives such as iontophoresis, kinesio taping and stimulation probe help many.  Also cold laser or light therapy can be useful in some cases.