How Do I Differ From a Chiropractor?

The Advantages of Using a Physician

First, I perform an important diagnostic study electrodiagnostic studies and chiropractors do not.
Electrodiagnostic studies are essential in correctly diagnosing many who have pain and other uncomfortable or unusual sensations such as numbness, tingling and burning. Electrodiagnostic studies can diagnose many painful conditions, especially pinched and irritated nerves, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and pinched nerves of the neck and back. These studies can determine which nerve or nerves are irritated or pinched, where along the nerve the problem is and in some cases determine the degree to which the nerve is irritated or pinched. They can be useful in the diagnosis of muscular conditions as well.

Second, I have in my office many types of treatment modalities not usually available in chiropractic offices such as:

Finally, I can prescribe medications and chiropractors cannot, as they are not physicians.
While medications alone do not usually cure pain, they can be useful adjuncts to other forms of treatment, making that particular method more effective. For example adding a muscle relaxant or an anti-inflammatory agent to modalities such as cold laser therapy, kinesio taping, iontophoresis, or aquatic therapy and others, can make these treatment more effective than without the medications.

Why? The medications tend to reduce tightness, irritation and inflammation of muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons. Even if you do not feel a reduction in your symptoms from the medication alone, there is still an effect on the areas of pain. The treatment modalities therefore work on the outside of your body while the medications act on the inside, and continue acting in between treatment sessions.

This dual type of treatment enhances the effects of modalities (such as cold laser, kinesio taping, aquatic therapy, iontophoresis and others), especially since the medications can continue to act in between modality treatment sessions. This helps to lock in and make more permanent the gains and improvement achieved during such treatment sessions.