Light/Cold Laser Therapy

A newly approved FDA procedure, is a non-thermal light/laser energy which accelerates muscle, nerve and other tissue healing by improving circulation of injured and painful areas and by reducing inflammation.  Cells and tissues that are injured or irritated require both an increase in protein synthesis  and an increase in energy available to the cells.  Light/ Cold Laser therapy increases the cell's mechanisms and abilities to increase the amount and availability of proteins to the healing cells.  Just like solar energy, light therapy increases the cell's available energy supply (through ATP) which is essential for injured cells and tissues to heal.

ETPS (Accupuncture Without Needles)

ETPS is an accupuncture technique but without the use of needles. Accupuncture points are treated therapeutically with electrical stimulation which is well tolerated and non-invasive. ETPS can also be used to treat trigger points and localized areas of muscle or nerve irritation.


A localized and non invasive way to deliver doctor recommended medication sometimes more effective than an injection.

Aquatic Therapy

Off-site indoor pool offers both warm water for a comfortable low impact workout.  Heat from the water and buoyancy allow exercises which are painful on dry land to be performed more comfortably in the pool.  Our aquatics program is performed one-on-one, not in a group.

Kinesio Taping

Non-restricting anatomical method of taping used to either help support joints or encourage relaxation of muscles; helps the body's natural postural reflexes and muscular contractions to work for and not against the patient.


A form of hand held electrical stimulation used to treat specific areas such as trigger points in the muscle.

Freeze Spray & Stretch

A cool spray used to numb and reduce tightness and irritation of muscles, allowing a more beneficial stretch to be performed.

Manual or Mechanical Traction

Used to stretch the neck and back allowing increased disc space between vertebrae decreasing pressure on the disks and nerves.  This can be done mechanically or manually by the therapist.  Can also help to gently stretch muscles in cases where exercises have failed or are too painful.

EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies

Electrodiagnostic studies (also known as EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies) are essential in diagnosing many who have pain and other uncomfortable and unusual sensations such as numbness, tingling and burning. Electrodiagnostic studies can diagnose many painful conditions, especially pinched and irritated nerves, such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and pinched nerves of the neck and back. Electrodiagnostic studies can determine which nerve or nerves are irritated or pinched, where along the nerve the problem is and in some cases determine the degree to which the nerve is irritated or pinched. It is useful in the diagnosis of muscular conditions as well. If electrodiagnostic studies have been performed and show no abnormalities or inconclusive results, repeating them several months later, especially if symptoms have worsened, often reveal significant abnormalities and a conclusive diagnosis.