What Makes My Practice Unique?

Unique Experience

Early on in my practice I was able to help most of my patients. Even so a few would still have pain. This lead me to search for new, safe and effective treatment methods and modalities not commonly found in physician and physical therapist offices.

Most recently I have researched and obtained a treatment modality called cold laser or light therapy. This treatment method is useful for a wide variety of nerve muscle, skeletal, joint, ligament and tendon problems of the neck, back, joints, arms, legs, feet and hands. It can also be used for certain jaw conditions and headaches. While FDA approved for a couple of years in the United States, cold laser or light therapy has been safely and effectively used for many years in Europe. Only a couple of doctors in the Baltimore area provide this type of treatment.

Unique Treatment Methods and Modalities

Other treatment methods and modalities that I provide not commonly or rarely found in other physician and physical therapist offices include: ETPS (acupuncture technique without needles), iontophoresis, kinesio taping, aquatic therapy, freeze spray and stretch and stimulation probe. (While many patient who have received physical therapy are familiar with stimulation pads, most have not received the stimulation probe – a device which must be hand-held by the therapist during the entire treatment.)

I am currently researching another safe treatment modality called biofeedback, where feedback, in the form of bio-signals from the patient’s body and muscles, allow the patient to help in their own treatment and recovery from many painful conditions.

Unique Service

As I developed my private medical practice I could see many of my patients were physically uncomfortable while waiting while others were frustrated having seen other doctors who were unable to successfully treat their pain. I soon understood the importance of making my office as patient friendly as I could.

What does that mean? First there are no extended waiting times to see me or the therapists that work in my office. Usually, at most, there is a waiting time of only a few minutes. I and my therapists will take the necessary time to fully understand and correctly diagnose and treat your condition. I participate fully with most insurance companies including Medicare, Care First and many others. Most appointments can be made within a couple of days of calling.

Unique Offer

Also unlike other physicians I offer free phone consultations. Why? Many patients who have pain have seen many physicians and are frustrated. They are not sure another doctor can help them. By talking on the phone I can learn some basic things about your pain, previous treatments and past diagnostic tests. I can usually get a good idea about what may be causing the pain, and I can certainly determine which treatment methods have not been used (such as cold laser, kinesio taping, iontophoresis, etc). After talking with you for several minutes I can determine whether it would be worthwhile for you to make an appointment to see me. Also the phone call allows you to become a little bit more comfortable with me should you decide to make an appointment, and may help reassure you that I really do care about your condition.